GameCoding and Impact

Currently, the dynamics of the education system is changing constantly and rapidly. This change is taking place looking at current and future requirements of the workforce in different industries. With the advancement of technology, skilled labor is moving in a different direction. Till the last decade, mechanical labor was in demand then came the IT boom.

Now, the IT sector itself has branched out into different avenues. Game coding is one of them. Game coding joins two avenues of coding and creativity into one branch. Also asking young kids to work on game codes will bring a fresher aspect as they are much involved in video games and esports compared to the older generation.

Although, it is not fair to ask young kids to learn to code just because there may be a requirement for a skilled coder when they graduate colleges. But coding or learning the skill of coding has its own benefits.

Let us see what happens when a kid takes up basic coding:

Boosts Brain Health

While most non-programmers believe that coding is just math and logic, it is much more than that. Programmers do think differently than other people, but coding involves attention, language, memory, math, logic, and creativity. That should be enough to keep your brain busy and healthy.  Coding improves your brain health and prevents neural deterioration. 

Develops Problem Solving Skills

Likewise, car mechanics diagnose car issues by replacing one part at a time so as to know where the problem is. In coding, computer programmers will figure out the bugs by generating a hypothesis and tweaking the codes to test which one can solve the problem.

Coding is the new Measure of  Literacy

It’s one thing to know how to use technology, it’s totally another thing to understand the science behind them. Coding helps to draw back the magic behind them so that children can understand what controls them. Formal Education teaches the basic stuff but college students who have taken up coding as an extracurricular activity will have an edge over their classmates.

Imbibes the Attitude of Perseverance

While learning to code, students will realize that many things in life will not have an easy answer. Also to get a small thing right means they will have to do the same thing again and again. 

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